Trimble Railway Asset Solutions - Trimble C2M System

Trimble C2M

Component Condition Monitoring

Trimble C2M provides full condition monitoring identifying the condition of all the key components being monitored and reports on defect identification, wear detection, and automates maintenance planning.

The system utilizes a combination of shore-based software and interfaces to track side devices and handheld measuring devices.

It proactively analyses and detects anomalies with particular component behavior and uses this information to identify the impact on maintenance and service for the entire fleet.


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“After a detailed investigation of solution providers, Trimble for us was a clear fit. Their comprehensive knowledge of the rail industry, solutions and customer focus is unrivalled and we look forward to partnering with them to implement the system.”
Christian Daniel
ECM Business Processing Director, SNCF


  • Tracks rogue behavior and determines proactive maintenance actions maximizing component life
  • Plans efficient component maintenance improving fleet availability
  • Understands ongoing component condition and utilization optimizing procurement
  • Constantly monitors safety related component conditions improving safety


  • Integrates with trackside and depot equipment including wheel lathes, trackside measuring devices, handheld measuring devices, and on-train devices
  • Provides a fleet summary view of the entire fleet identifying immediate problem areas (e.g. wheelsets, axles, brakes, shoe-gear, and pantographs etc.)
  • Interactive and up-to-date condition monitoring and detection through the definition of rules and alarms using an intuitive graphical user interface
  • Warning and danger level thresholds are specified for key measurements and the system automatically identifies and generates alerts when these thresholds are exceeded
  • A procurement plan can be generated for each component type based on the typical replacement life of the component calculated by the system
  • Interfaces to asset maintenance management systems for automatic inspections and repair scheduling

Trimble with our solution partners provide a number of trackside solutions for collecting data.

These include:
  • BeenaVision (WheelView) – Trackside Wheel Profile
  • NextSense (Calipri) – Hand-Held Wheel Profile
  • Lloyds Register (Gotcha) – Trackside Wheel Impact Detection
  • Lloyds Register (Gotcha APMS) – Pantograph Condition
  • Track-IQ (RailBAM) – Trackside Hot Axle Box Detection
  • Greenwood Engineering (Miniprof) - Handheld Wheel Profile
  • Hegenscheidt (Lathe) – Wheel Turning Machine
  • Sculfort (Lathe) – Wheel Turning Machine
  • Talgo (Lathe) – Wheel Turning Machine


July 17, 2018—Trimble announced today that Chennai Metro Rail Ltd. (CMRL), operated by the Tamil Nadu State Government and the Government of India, will implement Trimble® Nexala rail asset management solutions. Deploying the Trimble solutions will enable CMRL to improve its real-time status monitoring and analytics capability by accessing up-to-date fleet status, which can improve overall fleet availability and reliability while reducing costs and improving safety.

Feb. 21, 2018—Trimble announced today that Swedish train operator SJ has chosen the Trimble® R2M real-time remote diagnostics system and Trimble C2M component condition monitoring system.